Blake Moore defends ‘No’ vote on national infrastructure bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Blake Moore (R-1st District) is defending his vote against a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that will include funding for many needed projects in Utah.

“I am fully supportive of a targeted and fiscally sound infrastructure package,” Moore explained after the House vote on Nov. 5. “But Democrats are using passage of this infrastructure bill as a way to help internally advance their egregious $1.75 trillion tax and spend package.”

The controversial infrastructure package passed the House with a floor vote 228 to 206. Thirteen GOP representatives abandoned party loyalty to vote in favor of the package. Moore and Utah’s other three representatives in the House were not among them.

Since the proposal originated in the Senate, where it was supported by Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), the measure is now on its way to President Joe Biden’s desk where it could be signed within days.

Romney sees enactment of the infrastructure bill to be good news for Utah, as it will fund drought relief and other critical water needs; mitigation of wildfires; improved transportation networks; and, extension of broadband capability to rural areas.

The rest of Utah’s congressional delegation disagrees.

Democrats – including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Biden — are touting the passage of the infrastructure bill as a major milestone toward enactment of their $1.75 trillion budget reconciliation bill for Fiscal Year 2022. On strictly party-line votes, both the House and Senate have given initial approval of that measure, but a single Democrat‘s vote in the Senate or three in the House could derail final consent for that proposal.

The reconciliation proposal began early in 2021 as a $3.5 trillion Democratic wish list that Biden dubbed his Build Back Better (BBB) plan. That plan has since been cut in half to earn congressional support.

That draft proposal still includes more than $500 billion to address climate change, $400 billion for universal pre-school, $316 billion for health care, $200 billion for child tax credits and $150 billion for affordable housing.

But Moore predicts that the BBB plan includes provisions that will hurt Utah businesses, lower wages, export jobs abroad and consolidate power in Washington.

“I simply cannot take the risk that my vote for this infrastructure bill in the House would help advance Speaker Pelosi’s fiscal tragedy in any way,” he explains. “The reconciliation package amounts to our country’s largest ever spending and tax increase. It is full of mandates that move our country backward, not forward.

“Undisciplined spending threatens our national security, raises prices, taxes the working class and destroys jobs,” Moore adds. “The reconciliation bill mindlessly dumps billions of dollars into aged government programs that we already know aren’t working. It dangerously expands the size and scope of the federal government at the expense of the state of Utah, funds abortions with taxpayer money and raises taxes on job creators and Utah families.

“I believe that Congress must be much more thoughtful as we help ensure all Americans have opportunities to succeed,” Moore emphasizes. “”I will continue to fight for innovative, dynamic and responsible federal spending to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.”

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1 Comment

  • Jean Nelson November 17, 2021 at 8:21 pm Reply

    When I read your response to why you didn’t vote for the infrastructure bill that Republicans and Democrats have been trying to pass for decades, I can’t even believe it. This is a bill good for every single Utahan and you state that this is old ideas and you want innovation, and dynamic laws to move us forward. I am 100% certain the Republicans stalling, blocking, whining, spinning the truth and constant fear mongering about Socialism is not innovative or dynamic and certainly is not tackling the challenges ahead.
    It’s pathetic the way Republicans spend every day thinking up ways to stop our government in their sick efforts to drag out grievances, stop any progress for anyone, make up crap like CRT that every single one of you knows is not taught in any elementary or secondary school in our country.
    I would be hard pressed to come up with what great “innovative” ideas you have. All I see is you are hell bent on making sure ever person has dozens on guns under their beds and feel empowered to use them for any reason they want. Did you watch the 2 trials this week of men shooting other men. The excuse touted for both of them was that they felt threatened!!!!! Threatened because unarmed people were trying to stop an underage active shooter with an illegal AR15 shooting people. And the other case was 3 men stalking, harassing, cornering, intimidating and then shooting an unarmed jogger. You have lost your mind if you think this is OK. with your “innovative” and “dynamic” ideas. I have a neighbor who flies a black American flag which is threatening to our entire quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Your support of guns for everyone without any guards is fueling this violent, militant behavior. Every night the local news starts with who shot who. It is not comforting to your constituents to see that every single night.
    Your other great “innovative” idea is to move women back 50 years with your crusade to save unborn children. Have you seen the local news lately, I suggest you check in to see all the projects and activities happening in your own district to provide food, clothing and shelter for children (yes living children) we are all responsible for. Your cries to force women to become mothers against their will rings hollow when so many children are in need of basic neccesities, including the love of a mother who will support them for the rest of their lives.
    And just today, you voted not to censure your colleague Gosar for threatening the life of AOC on social media.In fact this is in complete contrast to your stance on the sanctity of life. You are pitiful and weak and have no business representing all of us in Utah. I would suggest getting on the wagon with Romney and Cheney who are not going to have to hang their heads in shame when they tell their children and grandchildren how they spent their time in congress.
    I hope you can gain some strength against the Republican mobsters and do some creative thinking on how we are going to come up with some water to solve our drought and clean up our air so we can see across the valley to the Oquirrh’s. I suggest you reconsider your position as our representative if you can’t stand up for our precious democracy and are satisfied to embrace fascism instead.

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