Challenging candidate cries ‘Foul’ over city council contributions

City Council candidate Keegan Garrity says that recently disclosed campaign contributions proved that Logan city officals and members of the City Council are united against his candidacy.

LOGAN – Following the recent release of financial disclosure statements from candidates in the upcoming Logan municipal election, challenger Keegan Garrity is crying “foul!”

“When I first declared my candidacy (for the Logan City Council) back in June,” he says, “I knew that I’d be running against two incumbents and that meant that I’d have to work harder than the competition if I wanted to win.

“What I didn’t realize is that I’d have to work five times harder because members of the existing administration were all supporting each other.”

Garrity bases that allegation on Logan Mayor Holly Daines endorsements of incumbent city council candidates Amy Z. Anderson and Ernesto López in early October as well as political contributions listed in the mandatory financial disclosure statements filed on Oct. 26.

The financial statement filed by López lists a $200 contribution from Daines; a $100 contribution from fellow city council member Tom Jensen; and a $100 contribution from Anderson’s Seed & Garden, which is owned by another city council member, Mark Anderson.

“In case there was ever any doubt,” Garrity charges, “these financial statement reveal that in addition to challenging the incumbency, I’m also running against the current mayor and two additional sitting council members.”

Garrity has been a thorn in the side of members of the city council for nearly a year. He is the most vocal member of an ad hoc citizens committee that recommended in January that representation on the municipal panel be transformed from at-large balloting to selection by district voting.

“Honestly, I should have no comment on this,” López says in response to Garrity’s accusation. “I feel that there’s no merit in Keegan’s claim.

“However, I can say that being new to the (political) arena, I personally reached out to the mayor and council members – and many other members of our community – to share ways people could support or donate to my campaign.”

Daines declined to comment on Gerrity’s claim this week. In early October, the mayor defended her endorsement of Amy Anderson and López as “business as usual” in the political arena, adding that she was grateful for the support of incumbent city council members for Logan’s ongoing downtown revitalization effort.

“So often in politics, the path to victory requires ingratiating oneself to the oligarchy …” Garrity charges. “These (municipal) elections are supposed to be non-partisan, but what you essentially have here is a party.

“It has become apparent that the cost to be admitted into this club is to vote in lock-step. That’s simply not a price that I’m willing to pay.”

Amy Anderson also declined to specifically address Garrity’s claims.

“We could all choose to comment on the contribution levels and donors to other candidates,” she countered. “But it seems more appropriate to leave it up to the public to review the disclosures.”

Garrity’s own list of contributions includes some donors whose support might be viewed as politically motivated. They include former Logan City Mayor Darla Clark; Cache County Council member Paul Borup; Cache County Clerk Jess Bradfield; and state Rep. Dan Johnson (R-District 4).

“As candidates, we each have our own platforms to reach voters with our opinions,” Amy Anderson adds. “It seems to me that we should do so without involving other outlets.”

But Garrity insists that his goal in running for a city council seat is to restore balance in local government and be a voice for city residents.

Meanwhile, López says he has welcomed the support of the nearly 80 individuals and groups that have made contributions to his campaign.

“People who donated to my campaign strengthen my view that we are all Logan,” he argues. “I’m beyond thankful for their support.

“If elected, I will strive to represent all our citizens’ interests and concerns.”

In Tuesday’s municipal election, candidates Amy Anderson, Garrity and López will face off for two at-large seats on the Logan City Council.

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  • Bo October 31, 2021 at 9:58 am Reply

    Such is the nature of politics.

  • HD October 31, 2021 at 5:14 pm Reply

    How about the $1500 for Garrity from a housing developer that ran against Mayor Daines last time? That was 18% of his funding and 3x what the mayor and council donated. He’s also raised $2000-4000 more than the other two candidates. These are obvious yet missing counter balancing facts.

  • Okay can you see November 1, 2021 at 7:07 am Reply

    Maybe he would like some cheese with that whine? Whats next? I know it is voter fraud because I didn’t win.

    • Keegan November 1, 2021 at 11:07 am Reply

      I have full confidence in our city recorder and her ability to count the ballots accurately and fairly. If I lose, I will congratulate my competitors and accept the will of the voters. If I win, I will be gracious about it.

      You can hold me to this statement after the results are announced tomorrow.

  • KA November 1, 2021 at 10:38 am Reply

    Wasn’t planning to vote for this guy before, but now, after all this whining, definitely not.

  • Vickie Bodily November 4, 2021 at 4:51 pm Reply

    Politics as usual. See how much money can be spent on beautification and revitalization of downtown.
    How about fixing the infrastructure of Logan?? Maybe replace the rotting water and sewer lines. Maybe do something with our power and start putting it underground and get rid of the wooden poles that are leaning from age. Maybe look into ways of not raising our taxes every single year. Cut back the growth of government and eliminate the waste of our tax dollars in Logan.
    Yes I voted, with my vote I hoped and prayed for our local officials to wake up because they are NOT doing what the regular citizens of Logan would like to have done. No more fancy, expensive arches. No more buying up real estate. What happened on 100 East between 2nd and 3rd South is criminal. This is what true greed is.
    This is my personal opinion.

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