Idaho tribe asks state to ban all Indian school mascots, including Preston Indians

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes are asking state lawmakers to stop Idaho public schools from using Native American mascots.

The Idaho Statesman obtained the tribes’ position paper through a public records request. The tribes submitted the paper to the Idaho State Board of Education last month asking the board, the state Legislature and Idaho Gov. Brad Little to ban the mascots, saying their use is racial misappropriation.

In the paper the tribes say that the use of mascots with names like Savages, Redskins and Braves perpetuate racism and stereotyping, and notes that the Shoshone and Bannock tribes have not been asked to be a part of something that directly impacts their members.

The paper lists several Idaho schools that the tribes say use offensive names and mascots, including the Salmon and Salmon River Savages; the Pocatello, Preston, Buhl and Shoshone Indians and the Boise Braves.

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  • dustin creager July 27, 2019 at 3:54 pm Reply

    You do know Pocetello is named after Chief Pocetello who bravely lead the Shoshone tribes against the invaders , sued and negotiated peacfully with US goverment and forces and settlers, lead his people during strife and was honored in his passing. He may had lost, but so impactful was his bravery and leadership that to this day moments, historical markers and more are scattered all over depicting the horrible condition the brutual history that was his to live. Even…. to have the very high school of the ancestors of the invaders forever remember HIM and not their own. But….. may be your right. We should wash all that away because the surviving tribes don’t want to share history. History BOTH sides were part of and witness. Everyone was part of Chief Pocatello’s life and his tribe.

    Not just one people.

    He fought to make the lives of all people around him work in peace. And fought harder when it did not. This is why the mascot honors him and his Indian heritage.

    May be the tribes should instead make sure they are honoring the strengths and values of thier cultures, so thoses that were not bless to grow up as one of the tribe can fully understand how much was taken from the native peoples.

    Or….. the tribes can force them to take the mascots names away and start honoring the values of the people that savaged and pillaged the tribes in the first place. Seems counter productive.

    The Pocatello Pillagers. Its a dishonor to the Chief and all he died for.

    May be we are not looking at racism and appropriation, just tribal intolerance. Its easy for us to forget about other cultures if they are striped from us. Which this will do.

    I don’t think I ever want to live in a world I cannot adopt the better and richer aspects and values of another culture that is superior than my own in heart and ethics, because I was not born into it. That of all things seems racist and intolerant above all else.

    My ancestory was German. We fled from Germany because we …. tried too murder the dictatorship ruler of that time. Our ancestors seeked a better culture then the brutually that they were raised in and eventually fled. We escaped the ruler we tried to murder (our uncle!) and seeked france and America. To this day we have always adopted values we know are better than our own.

    If we were not allowed or exposed to them, even in small ways. House Krieger may very well still be in Germany. Our symbols of vultures on a field of purple and yellow may still be hanging above our menancing doors. Sounds enlightening.

    I hope the tribes reconsider such a broad scope and focus on specific examples.

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