Adopting a baby is like moving a mountain

Alyssa and Isaac Short are trying to help raise funds for the adoption process by having a Fun Run on June 2.

Things are quiet at the Short house. Allyssa and Isaac Short come home after work and school to a spotless apartment, and silence. Except for their own voices, there is no extra noise. After two years of marriage, they would like to hear the patter of little feet as a child runs to them, holding out arms for a hug and a kiss.

Framed pictures of Isaac and Alyssa Short found on the shelves of the couple’s home.

The Shorts are in the roller coaster ride of adopting a child. The adoption process is not only expensive financially, it is taxing emotionally.

The Logan couple, both 23 years-old, is trying to raise funds to adopt a baby.

Isaac just graduated from Bridgerland Technical College and works for Nucor in Brigham City. Alyssa will graduate with a certificate in Interior Design soon.

To become candidates to adopt children, one must go through an approval process. A licensed therapist must visit the home and the couple to insure they and their premises are ready to take on a baby.

The Shorts have passed all the checks, and are doing everything they know how to bring home a bundle of joy.

Isaac said private adoptions, the option they’re pursuing, would cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

“We started around January,” Isaac said. “We are hoping to raise $5,000 for a private adoption, an agency adoption would cost from $20,000 to $40,000.”

The two both ran cross-country together at Mountain Crest High School, and have decided to do a Fun Run to raise some of the funds for adoption.

Isaac and Alyssa Short are in the process of adopting a baby. The couple has organized a race to help raise funds to help with the financial burdens that lie ahead.

Moving Mountains for Adoption 5K/1 Mile will be held Saturday, June 22 in Paradise. Start time is at 8 a.m. There will be three courses: a 5K run, a 1 Mile run and a kids run.

T-shirts are included if the registration is completed by June 3. Registration will be $25 for adults and $15 for kids 12 and under (three and under are free). Event shirts will be handed out at the race. There will also be a race day raffle for a treadmill.

Their website is

If successful, the Shorts would like to make the race an annual event to help others raise the money needed for the adoption process.

The Shorts have been working with Charity Goodrich, who is licensed to do home studies and work with couples throughout the adoption process.

The adoption process is a lot of work and it’s stressful, but it’s exciting,” she said.

Goodrich worked for LDS Family Services for 13 years. When they quit doing adoptions, she decided to leave and continue doing them.

A graphic sign hangs on the wall of the Short home.

She also has adopted every one of her five children. She would like to help couples realize the joys of adoption as a contract worker.

“At any given time, I have 20 to 25 couples I’m working with on the adoption process,” she said. “I look at what is best for the child. I think that needs to be important for everyone.

“Single women who want to give their baby everything, choose adoption,” she said.

“There are more couples who want to adopt than there are babies out there,” Goodrich said. “One in four couples in Utah struggle with infertility, and that number is growing.”

One of the reasons there are fewer babies available is the societal acceptance of single parenting.

“Society has changed. People are owning up things and think keeping a baby is the only option. They are not looking at other options. Adoption is another option and it is a responsible choice,” she said.

In preparation for a couple getting a baby, Goodrich makes home visits. The visits are to make sure the couple is ready socially and ready to be parents.

She checks their background, parenting strengths, how they resolve issues and how the couple plans to care for the child.

Issac and Alyssa Short are trying to raise funds in order to adopt a baby.

“We go through the home and make sure they are safe,” she said. “I have to let them know what it takes for their house to be child proof.”

Goodrich said the Shorts are excited, but it can take years for people to get placement. It could take a while.

“We hope it is on the faster side of things,” Goodrich said. “I have a group of people wanting to adopt.”

This is the Short’s first fundraising event, but hope it will be successful enough to continue annually.

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  • Teri May 30, 2019 at 3:23 pm Reply

    So, here are my sour grapes. I’m sure the Shorts are a really lovely, young couple. I have no doubt of that. But, if you think adopting is expensive, this is only the beginning. Take your time, save your money, you have at least…at least…another 10 years before you need to worry about raising a baby which gives you time to save your own money to do this. Don’t expect others to pay for your happiness. I have walked your path, so I’m not just trying to rain on your parade. I get it. It’s excruciating to wait. But, show your future children that you wanted them bad enough to sacrifice and do this together as a couple without asking for handouts.

    • Sam May 31, 2019 at 9:37 am Reply

      Don’t listen to people like this. Kids can rushed. Things like home ownership can wait. Not children. Have kids while you are YOUNG!!! You will be fine and everything will work out if you are adopting a baby that looks like you.

  • Amy May 30, 2019 at 3:23 pm Reply

    Hope and pray these two get a baby, I have a lot of respect for everything they’re doing to get that dream baby. Perhaps Charity Goodrich should censor her comments about single parents a bit before publishing. To say that “single women who want to give their baby everything, choose adoption” and to paint those who do “own up things” and keep their babies in a bad light is incredibly disrespectful. As a single mom for many years, I find her comments highly offensive. Just because I “owned up” and kept my baby doesn’t mean he doesn’t have everything – we are blessed beyond measure. I truly hope all those who want kids can get that gift, regardless of how that baby gets here… but don’t look down on those that are single parents. It’s the hardest thing we’ll ever do, but the most rewarding thing as well. Our joy in being parents isn’t any less because we’re single.

  • Dixie Hansen May 30, 2019 at 10:03 pm Reply

    Our family is so excited to be a part of moving mountains for this couple and hopefully for other couples. Paradise is a beautiful town to have this fun race. Cache Valley Daily has written a good article about adoption. I know this couple appreciates all the help from everyone. See you in Paradise?

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