Judge gives maximum sentences to Torrey Green for raping six women while at USU

Torrey Green closes his eyes while vitims come to the stand speaking to the judge at his sentencing. Green was found guilty of eight charges including five counts of rape and a charge sexual battery in connection to reports from six women accusing him of sexual assault while he was a football player at Utah State University, Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2019 in Brigham City, Utah. (Chantelle McCall/Court Pool)

BRIGHAM CITY — A judge has given Torrey Green the maximum prison sentence for raping or sexually assaulting six women while he was a student at Utah State University. Judge Brian Cannell called the 25-year-old former Aggie football player a “serial rapist in the eyes of the law,” as he handed down the sentence for each of the charges. He also ordered that six of the sentences run consecutively, one for each of the victims, potentially meaning the defendant could be facing between 26-years-to-life behind bars.

Torrey Green stands at the stand looking back to his family after receiving 6 consecutive and 2 concurrent charges, Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2019 in Brigham City, Utah. (Chantelle McCall/Court Pool)

Green appeared in 1st District Court Wednesday morning after previously being found guilty by a jury of five counts of rape and one count of object rape, all first-degree felonies; forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony; and, a lesser charge of misdemeanor sexual battery.

Green asked the court for mercy. He continued to defend himself, claiming that the relationships he had with each of the victims was consensual. He said the only law that he broke was the law of chastity.

“I was young, immature and striving to accomplish my journalism and football dreams,” said Green. “I did well and received a lot of attention. I didn’t handle it as well as I could have. I love the attention of women and I relished in the attention probably too much. I did not break the law. I am not a monster as I have been depicted.”

Green told the court he prays for himself and the victims every day. He said he wants to move on from this experience and hoped the victims can too.

During the hearing, three of the victims described again how their lives were impacted after Green raped or assaulted them. They called the defendant a true predator and said they often felt like no one believed them when they came forward with their allegations.

Judge Cannell told the women, who he called survivors, that Wednesday’s sentencing was proof that they were believed by prosecutors, a jury, and that he believed them. He expressed disappointment in Green for not showing any remorse or acknowledgement for what he did. He said the defendant appeared to be two different people, the one Green’s family raised and the person he was in the privacy of his room.

“I don’t know what happened. The lure of being a college athlete, being alone to make your own decisions, I don’t know what happened but what you did was horrendous. In the eyes of the law you are a serial rapist and you have stolen virtue. These survivors didn’t want it and they didn’t like it.”

Green stood next to his attorney, Skye Lazaro, wearing handcuffs and shackles. He bowed his head and wiped tears from his eyes as Judge Cannell handed down the sentence.

Defense attorney Skye Lazaro speaks to prosecutor Spencer Walsh during Torrey Green’s sentencing, Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2019 in Brigham City, Utah. (Chantelle McCall/Court Pool)

Outside the courtroom, Cache County Chief Prosecutor Spencer Walsh said he was pleased that Judge Cannell followed his recommendation for running six of the eight charges consecutively. He explained even though that adds up to 26-years, the length of time Green is incarcerated will be based on the Utah State Prison Parole Board.

“They have their own matrices that they look at that figure out how much time Green really does,” said Walsh. “Part of that is accountability, if he doesn’t take accountability, it is quite likely he is going to be there a very, very long time, and I hope he stays there a long time. He is a danger. He is a public safety threat.”

In January a jury found Green guilty following a 10-day trial. The five men and three women reached their verdict after nearly 17 hours of deliberations. He was originally arrested and charged in October 2016, shortly after signing an NFL contract to play for the Atlanta Falcons.

Green still faces one final case of sexually assaulting a seventh alleged victim. He is scheduled to appear again in court on those charges April 16.

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