Daines says the future of the Logan River Golf Course will be discussed

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After the meeting to gauge public input about having a program to try dogs in city parks, Logan Parks and Recreation will hold another meeting next week on the future of the Logan River Golf Course, an 18-hole, par 71 course that’s been a favorite for locals and visitors alike. On KVNU’s Speak to the Mayor program last week on KVNU’s For the People program with Jason Williams, Logan Mayor Holly Daines said that public meeting will likewise be held at 5:30 p.m. next Tuesday evening, January 29th in Logan City Hall.

“This was also an issue that came up during the campaign. Since 2011, the city general fund has essentially been subsidizing the golf course to the tune of $150,000 annually. That’s a lot of money. It is a lovely golf course, it’s in great shape and certainly folks enjoy it but there are so many needs in the Parks and Rec department. And, we actually do have a potential option for a group to come in and manage it. It’s just a very different model, concept,” Daines said.

The mayor said the city would still own the property, and the trails that wind through the course would stay open to the public. She said discussions with the golf advisory board and some city council members are in the early stages but they’re seeking comments from residents on the proposal.

Daines said one company has approached the city with a model that’s been very successful in North Dakota and Kansas and they’re trying to bring it to Utah and Arizona. The mayor said that nationwide golf is declining as a sport so there’s less and less use of the course. The company has some ideas that might increase use and bring more families in. She stressed that no decisions have been made but says it’s at least worth having a conversation about.

The Logan River Golf Advisory Board issued the following statement regarding the proposal and next week’s public meeting:

Dear Logan City Citizen,

As we all know, Jeff John and Randy Oldham have done a very exceptional job in operating and maintaining Logan River Golf Course, presenting it in the best shape it has been through its entire history in Logan City. Over the last few months, the City of Logan has been exploring options to implement a management company over the operations of the golf course, effectively removing the current operational structure.

The management company that the city is heavily considering, GreatLife Golf and Fitness, operates on a membership basis, charging customers $70 per month to have access to the golf course, as well as enjoy the benefits of a gym membership. While this sounds appealing to the average customer, the repercussions of the operation will be quite detrimental to the beautiful Logan River Golf Course that we know and love.

GreatLife is based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, operating a number of golf courses within the confines of the area. However, public review on yelp.com indicates that the system is rather flawed. Multiple reviews all point toward the same flaw – the contract.

“After completing my year contract, and notifying them I want to cancel my membership, they automatically renew without warning and continue to bill you. Not a good way to sustain a long term business.”

“And like the last person said, I’m completely stuck in my contract. It automatically renews for a whole year after it’s up. My membership dues went up over 30%!!! I highly recommend going somewhere else. GreatLife is everything BUT great!!”

“Beware! Your year contract is automatically renewed every year. You cannot cancel any time other than your renewal month.”

Having operated under a management company back in 1996, and being forcefully removed after a year and a half, we must let our voices be heard in order to effectively prevent this from happening again. Our plan of action in order to allow our voices to be heard is to gather as many Logan River Golf Course players and allies as possible to attend the public meeting that is scheduled for January 29th at 5:30. It is here that they will discuss all of the options available, and the more voices we can acquire, the better our chances will be to prevent the management company from taking over operations at Logan River Golf Course.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you at the Public Meeting, located at the Logan City Council Room on January 29th at 5:30 pm.


Logan River Golf Advisory Board

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