I’ve tied old Knothead to a post. He is despicable at most. His mane is full of cockleburs. I’d like to turn his hide to furs.

Wonder how he got the name? Just let me tell you of his fame. He’s hard to catch and hard to saddle. Trying to ride will be your battle.

At shoeing time you’ll have a fight. He won’t hold still and might just bite. His look says, “Go ahead and try!” Old Knothead’s sure a mighty sly.

I look right back, what do I see. A cold blank stare that’s scaring me. I guess I’m the unlucky one. It’s time to get this shoeing done.

I wonder if I’ll ever know when Knothead is about to blow. I reach a foot that’s nice and bare. Old Knothead jumps straight in the air.

To my despair my hat comes off and Knothead kicks it to the trough. He paws my hat with his front hoof and leaves a hole right in the roof.

I snatch my hat away from him. My brand-new hat is looking grim. Then jam my hat back on my head. It’s days like this, wish he was dead.

So, Knothead’s looking back at me. I wonder now, what do I see? I’m sure I saw a nasty grin. I’d like to boot him in the shin!

At times like this I’m only statin’. I think we should have named him Satan. He takes two steps then lifts a hoof. Will he behave? Is this the proof?

I shoe one hoof and three more too. So, can this be a dream come true? Old Knothead never even flinched. Am I asleep? Do I need pinched?

So, I hope one day, it’ll be so cool, when I can say, “You crow bait fool!” Then I’ll watch him come a squeezing through, right from a tube of Elmer’s Glue.

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