Happier As A Homeowner

(NAPSI)—Despite 41 percent of <span class=”SpellE”>millennials</span> opting for “vacation moves”—relocating somewhere without the intention of staying permanently—reports show that the nomadic life might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Mobility has its perks, but the greatest social advantages are found in homeownership, says a recent National Association of Realtors study.

While the economic impacts of homeownership are well known, there are other benefits that are just as, if not more, valuable. For instance, homeownership is at the core of community building. The stability gained in an area through consistent ownership creates strong, cohesive relationships and social networks.

Likewise, neighborhoods with more family-owned homes than rentals experience higher property values and social capital, according to a Harvard University review. Compared to renters, homeowners display increased civic engagement and feel a greater sense of responsibility to invest time, money and resources in community and environmental improvements.

Collectively, these factors lead to better school systems, lower crime rates and stable neighborhood growth—a ripple effect that persists for generations.

While renting undoubtedly allows for the ability to move and explore, homeownership enables the freedom to customize one’s home to truly reflect personality and lifestyle. Unlike renting, a lack of restrictions allows space for self-expression and personalized functionality, two of the biggest contributors to personal growth and life satisfaction, as recognized by psychologists around the world.

The desire to be upwardly mobile isn’t the only reason some are choosing to rent. Many consumers find the idea of locating and financing a home to be daunting. However, tools such as Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans are revolutionizing the home-buying process and making it so simple that it can be managed on a cell phone—in as few as seven minutes, the company says.

“Rocket Mortgage takes a formerly intimidating process and makes it fast, simple and transparent. It keeps the mortgage process on pace with that of today’s busy generation, eliminating tedious paperwork,” says Bill <span class=”SpellE”>Banfield</span>, Quicken Loans EVP of Capital Markets. “By pulling personal financial information directly from the source, Rocket Mortgage provides a totally unique, customized mortgage solution. No guesswork, no misleading rates or timelines—just simple, personalized options paired with an unmatched process and world-class communication.”

Tools such as Rocket Mortgage provide around-the-clock counsel and access to personalized options, helping potential home buyers feel confident and prepared.

While there certainly is a time and place for renting, it’s worth learning about the many benefits of owning a home before making the decision to pay a landlord for another 12 months.

Investing in homeownership early allows greater long-term flexibility with income, proving that homeownership doesn’t tie you down. Instead, it brings empowerment, freedom and sense of purpose.

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