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“Oprah would always be my first choice, she’s really a great woman.”

— Donald Trump, in a 1999 interview, when asked who he would pick for a vice-president if he ever ran for president.

The Golden Globes Awards are handed out by an organization known as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. With approximately 90 voting members, the HFPA is an exclusive, nearly anonymous group of journalists and photographers with suspect credentials and little accountability regarding what films and television shows they nominate—and the process by which winners are chosen.

In the late 1960’s, the Globes were forced off television when it was found out that winners were selected based on what movie stars agreed to show up to the ceremony.

In 1982, a terrible actress named Pia Zadora won a Globe for a film and a performance near unanimously rebuked as awful. Later it was found out her bajillionaire husband bought HFPA voters with a trip to Las Vegas.

The Golden Globes have always been a joke. It was in the mid-1990’s when a new TV contract and revolutionary advertising campaigns by Miramax Films, headed by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, that saw the Golden Globes gain prestige.

The Golden Globes are a rigged awards show run by a shadowy group easily wooed by film industry insiders hoping to use the Globes as a catapult to Oscars nominations.

The Golden Globes served one purpose to the viewer. It was the awards show where movie stars dressed up and got drunk. The Globes—sham that they are—were fun. Not anymore.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations regarding his disgusting and criminal sexual misconduct, this year’s Golden Globes turned into a civics lesson about how Hollywood finally woke up to its’ own problems. Everyone wore black. Women exuded empowerment and men were cuckolded into silent compliance.


You are at a ceremony where vain, self-congratulatory behavior is exemplified by accepting awards from a group of 90 unknown people easily bought off by your publicists.

That wreaks of insincerity.

And the TV ratings were down. They have been down in recent years for the Oscars, too. There is a reason for that. No one wants to watch awards shows to listen to a lecture on social injustices suffered by Hollywood actors. They want to see movie stars dressed up and make catty comments about which stars look like roadkill. There is a time and place for celebrities to give voice to problems in America. The Golden Globes is not that vessel.

The biggest story of that night was the purportedly inspirational speech given by Oprah Winfrey. Immediately after this speech, speculation started pouring out of media outlets that Winfrey is seriously considering running for President of the United States.

By itself, this factoid would be inconsequential. But, the media has abased itself with oozing awe at the prospect of President Oprah. My head hurts from the eye rolling at this gushing behavior.

So, the media and many liberals believe the proper response to an American President who is an aging television star with no political experience is to prop up an aging television star with no political experience? Madness.

Consider then in the 48 hours after the Golden Globes, many commentators have fallen over themselves praising Oprah and her prospects. One I heard talking about this called Oprah the “queen of the universe”. Another said that Winfrey was the closest thing America has to a monarch.

I am an American that lives in this universe. Oprah ain’t my queen.

Why do many liberals so easily fawn over celebrities? Sure, Oprah’s humanitarian work is laudable. She may well be a good person. But how does that make her a legitimate candidate to be President of the United States?

How would President O deal with ISIS? What are her plans to fix the continuing crisis of wage stagnation? Does she believe her now legendary <a href=”” target=”_blank”>interview of Tom Cruise</a> is translatable to handling Kim Jong-un?

Any liberal that is giddy over the prospect of Oprah Winfrey as a presidential candidate is not living on Earth, but in Fantasyland.

And then there is that archaic thing known as the Electoral College. It will still be used during the 2020 election. And whether it is Donald Trump or Mike Pence that will be the GOP nominee, how exactly does the liberal dream known as Candidate O win back the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin?

These four states went for Trump because middle class white voters thought the Democratic Party no longer cared about them. Who really believes Oprah wins back the large swath of 50 year-old white men that turned those four states from blue to red?

Do you want a strong black woman that can win in 2020? Look to the United States Senator from California, Kamala Harris. She was a highly effective California Attorney General that went after the slimey tactics of the big banks. She has doggedly pursued the Russia investigation in the Senate. She never hosted a talk show, but no candidate is perfect.

There is one mission. Donald Trump must be removed from the most powerful office on the planet. And, by extension, those Republicans that enabled him this past year must be removed from power. It is time for liberals to get rid of their delusional, starstruck daydreams and get serious.

Oprah is not a serious suggestion. Every second wasted discussing this with a straight face makes the ridiculousness of the Trump presidency more legitimate. I do not want to experience the consuming shock that I endured on the morning of November 9th, 2016 again. Anyone that loves America needs to use these next two years to find a qualified candidate to stop the lunacy that currently runs the U.S. Government.

America is in deep trouble. Candidate Oprah is not the answer to our dilemma. It is an obscene joke to suggest she is. She should go back to television, and she should take Trump with her.

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