2017 Local Election Results

<strong>Logan Mayor</strong>

<em>Holly Daines 3373 votes (58%)</em>

Brian Seamons 2457 votes (42%)

<strong>Logan City Council</strong>

<em>Jess Bradfield 3648 votes (33%)</em>

<em>Amy Anderson 3710 votes (34%)</em>

Paul Rogers 2051 votes (19%)

Steve Thompson 1537 votes (14%)

<strong>North Logan Mayor</strong>

<em>John Bailey 823 votes 66%</em>

Nancy Potter 430 votes 34%

<strong>North Logan City Council</strong>

<em>Bruce Lee* 646 votes 28%</em>

Bradley Crookston 572 votes 24%

Buzzy Mullahkhel 550 votes 24%

Craig Humphreys 568 votes 24%

34 uncounted Provisional Ballots and 54 outstanding Absentee Ballots

<strong>Smithfield Mayor</strong>

<em>Jeffrey H. Barnes 632 votes 55%</em>

Darrell Simmons* 509 votes 45%

<strong>Smithfield City Council</strong>

<em>Wade Campbell 788 votes 37%</em>

<em>Jamie Anderson 787 votes 37%</em>

Barbara Scholes Kent 568 votes 26%

<strong>Nibley Mayor</strong>

<em>Shaun Dustin* 473 votes 52%</em>

Trudy Knight 437 votes 48%

<strong>Nibley City Council</strong>

<em>Kathryn Beus 576 votes 34%</em>

<em>Norman Larsen 520 votes 30%</em>

Garrett Mansell 314 votes 18%

Allen Cook 301 votes 18%

<strong>Providence Mayor</strong>

<em>John Drew 919 votes 52%</em>

Kirk Allen 833 votes 48%

<strong>Providence City Council</strong>

<em>Jeff Baldwin* 1031 votes 31%</em>

<em>Kristina Eck 874 votes 26%</em>

Sharell Eams 752 votes 23%

Rowan Cecil 649 votes 20%

<strong>Hyrum Mayor</strong>

<em>Stephanie Miller* 471 votes 100%</em>

<strong>Hyrum City Council 4 year</strong>

<em>Paul James 393 votes 43%</em>

<em>Jared Clawson 381 votes 42%</em>

Cody Hugie 131 votes 14%

<strong>Hyrum City Council 2 year</strong>

<em>Steve Adams 475 votes 100%</em>

<strong>Wellsville Mayor</strong>

Thomas Bailey*

Gary Saxton

<strong>Wellsville City Council</strong>

Perry Maughan

Kaylene Ames

<strong>Mendon Mayor</strong>

<em>Ed Buist*</em>

<strong>Mendon City Council</strong>

Jonathan Hardman

Shara Swan

Robert Jepsen

<strong>Millville Mayor</strong>

<em>David Hair 293 votes 68%</em>

Cindy Cummings 135 votes 32%

<strong>Millville City Council</strong>

<em>Daniel Grange 285 votes 34%</em>

<em>Clay Wilker 254 votes 30%</em>

Debbie Harvey 171 votes 21%

Brittany Wall 124 votes 15%

<strong>Hyde Park City Council</strong>

<em>Gerald Osborne 627 votes 37%</em>

<em>Charles Wheeler 503 votes 30%</em>

Robert Christensen 358 votes 21%

Phil Collins 212 votes 12%

<strong>River Heights Mayor</strong>

<em>Todd Rasmussen 282 votes 73%</em>

Robert Gines 105 votes 27%

<strong>River Heights City Council</strong>

<em>Douglas Clausen 226 votes 30%</em>

<em>Elaine Thatcher 210 votes 28%</em>

Chris Milbank 171 votes 23%

Shellie Giddings 134 votes 18%

<strong>Newton Mayor</strong>

Kevin Rhodes

Jeffrey Benson

<strong>Newton City Council 4 year</strong>

Kathryn Rigby

Raymond Wickham

Gordon Anderson

<strong>Newton City Council 2 year</strong>

Randy Lee Jones

Kenny Furgeson

<strong>Trenton Mayor</strong>

<em>Lynn G. Payne 117 votes 85%</em>

Darrell Roy Merrill 20 votes 15%

<strong>Trenton City Council</strong>

<em>Stacey Wangsgard 101 votes 38%</em>

<em>Kim Hatch 93 votes 35%</em>

David G. Ezola 70 votes 27%

<hr />

<em>Vote totals will be updated throughout the evening as results are reported</em>

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