Advertorial: Things That Seem Obvious

<strong>The Library:</strong> Why don’t we have a vote? Let’s ask Logan citizens if they want to spend $15M on a new library or remodel our current one? If I’m elected, we’ll take a vote. Seems pretty easy to me. If everyone wants a new library, we’ll buy the land we want outright, none of these tricky deals.

<strong>The Emporium Trade:</strong> Clearly, we wasted a lot of money on the purchase of the Emporium. Now that it’s done, why would we surrender control of this building? The easiest way for a developer to turn a quick profit on that building would be to take the $300K cash that we are going to give him (Why?) and use that to remodel the building into low income apartments. It would be easy, allowed by code and a disaster for downtown but a sweet cash cow for this developer. Is this really what we want for downtown? I’d vote keep the building &amp; protect downtown.

<strong>The Army/Navy part of the deal:</strong> You should know that the developer does not own the corner parcel or Rita’s grocery store on 300 N &amp; Main. Without these the property we are trading for is worth considerably less. Add in the enormous cost of demolition that comes with these parcels and it all piles up to another loss for Logan.

<strong>The New Hotel:</strong> The same developer of the new hotel owned the hotel across the street. Did that stretch of Main St. see an economic boon because of the presence of a hotel there? I’ve lived here my whole life and have seen nothing but struggling businesses next to that hotel. It sure seems like an obviously poor idea to put a hotel on our best property in Logan at a multi-million-dollar loss to the citizens. Someone needs to look out for Logan citizens for once! Where are our elected officials?

Not enough people take the paper, listen to the radio, even read my brochures for these things to change without your help. Please take the time to bring this up with a voter.

*Paid for by the Committee to Elect Brian Seamons

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