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“Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it.”

—from Woody Allen’s film, “A Midsummer’s Night Sex Comedy.”

Sex seemed to dominate the past week, both in Utah and nationally. I do not want to choose only one sordid story to cast my snarky polemic towards, so I will address the three more prevalent.

— An article on that caught my eye about <a href=”” target=”_blank”>a lawsuit regarding how homosexuality</a> is discussed in Utah raised my ire and set me into a frothy rage about the Beehive State.

The article states there has been agreement struck removing a gag rule that prevented educators from suggesting homosexuality was tolerable. In short, any teacher in a Utah public school that even hinted homosexuality was normal was verboten.


The term, appearing in parenthesis in the article as well as here, is “advocacy of homosexuality”. It should be pathetically obvious for anyone familiar with the Utah syntax that advocacy in this instance is used as a pejorative.

And here is where I play the Mormon card.

This is about Mormons controlling what happens in public schools in which their kids attend. Ever since the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ACLU chased the LDS Church</a> out of Utah public schools, they have been more stealth in how they effect what goes on in schools. Mostly, these efforts have concentrated on legislation.

But it is the use of the word advocacy that makes me sneer in contempt at the Mormon Church. This church has, somehow, been able to buy an allotment of land next to every public school in Utah so as to put up either a seminary or an Institute of Religion…a proper noun in these parts. So threatened is the Mormon Church that only a crack in the sidewalk can separate their formerly un-Constitutional actions from barely legal religious postulation—including believing homsoexuality is evil.

The days of demonising homsexuals is nearly over. Utah laws that reflect Mormon doctrine will, one by one, implode under the weight of its’ own ignorance. And educators will have the Utah legislature butt-out of their classrooms.

Advocacy of homosexuality? I’m all for it!

— CVD went 2-for-2 with <a href=”” target=”_blank”>an article</a> about Utah state Senator known as the “Porn Czar”.

Senator Todd Weiler, a BYU grad, has made it a point to spearhead legislation that would make it legal for Utah citizens to sue pornographers and porn websites for porn addiction.

Ahhhh, Utah Republicans! They are second only to San Francisco liberals for interfering into the private habits of their constituents.

Now, let me state that I do believe porn can be addictive. But so can Mountain Dew and Xanax. How fast is Utah going to take up legislation to curb those problems?

But, really, this is not about porn addiction so much as it is the Mormon Church trying to control the behaviors of all Utahns. The LDS Church believes that all sexual activities should only happen within the bond of marriage; and, they are willing to look like hypocrites to their commonly-held belief in small government, as well as stand in conflict with their own continued promulgation of the theory of free agency, to control what everyone in Utah does in their own homes.

Porn addiction is a big deal in Utah because the LDS Church creates strife regarding sexual self-gratification among its’ members. Make any habit-forming act sinful enough and when a person succumbs to it, the potency of that act usually becomes consuming.

Porn can destroy lives. So can religion. Too much of anything is usually bad for you.

— I have, more than once, been asked if my love for Woody Allen films would be diminished if the accusations that he sexually abused his daughter when she was seven turned out to be true.

My answer: I don’t know.

It would be hard for me to come to terms with the profound impact many of his films have had on me knowing that he was a monstrous human. Being a father, I cannot fathom how any man could abuse their own daughter.

And that leads to an awkward segue regarding movie producer Harvey Weinstein. For over three decades, Weinstein has been one of the major power players in Hollywood. As a film distributor, Weinstein was the guy to see if you wanted to get a film that was of an independent tilt released to wider audiences.

Two films he brought to the world’s attention, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Pulp Fiction” are in my recently-completed list of Top 100 movies of all-time, coming in 5th and 8th respectfully. (COLUMNIST’S NOTE: Woody Allen’s “Hannah and Her Sisters” is 6th)

This week, it became known that Weinstein was a serial sexual harasser. Weinstein has admitted to much of this behavior. As of this writing, he has been accused of sexual assault, a charge he has emphatically denied.

Weinstein, like many associated with Hollywood, is politically aligned with the Democrats. He has contributed much money to a host of liberal candidates and causes. Politicians are tripping over themselves to return his money as fast as they accepted it. And, of course, supporters of Donald Trump consider this a double standard of the media regarding how this story is covered.

There is no double standard. The media is hitting hard on Weinstein…as they should whenever proof of powerful men taking criminal liberties with women is empirical.

All sexual malfeasance is bad. Sexually predatory behavior by a movie mogul is really bad. Admitted sexually predatory behavior by a presidential candidate is acrid to the senses.

And I would just as soon disqualify Harvey Weinstein to be the President of United States because of his sex crimes as I did Donald Trump.

How about you?

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