Six InTech students pull off "notable" senior prank (with audio and video)

Luke Johnson, Forest Edwards and Craig Nash explain the "blueprint" for their senior prank at InTech Collegiate High School. 

 “As our final year at InTech comes to a close, we are harmlessly pulling a senior prank with no intentions of inhibiting learning, destroying school property or causing distress of any kind. After the joke has run its course, we fully intend to clean up anything related to the prank. Upon review of legalities, we don’t believe we are breaking any laws…”

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NORTH LOGAN — Luke Johnson and five of his best friends at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>InTech Collegiate High School</a> signed their “confession” at 9:33 p.m. Wednesday, right before they embarked on an 8-hour effort to plaster the windows of their school with 10,400 Post-it notes.  Dubbed by their classmates as the “best senior prank ever,” the boys’ overnight adventure involved headlamps, jump-starting several vehicles and a midnight stop at McDonald’s for “refueling.” At 2 a.m., they still had several windows to go. Lucky for them, nobody called the cops!

Johnson, Craig Nash, Ian Davidson, Liam McAvoy, Nick Major and Forest Edwards spent two months planning their escapade. Because Davidson’s mom is a teacher at the school, they kept their idea under close wraps.

“We had to make sure this was going through,” Davidson said. “Ask forgiveness later!”

As prank day drew closer, the boys drew a diagram of their campus, pinpointing each window. They tried to be inconspicuous as they gathered measurements and calculated just how many sticky notes they’d need. They also considered the quality of the Post-it notes they needed to buy, hoping to obtain the strongest adhesive for the best price.

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“They tried to think of everything,” said Johnson’s mom, Amy Johnson. “I just thought this was so clever. This is the most awesome prank that’s ever come to the school.”

And there was practical application, too!

“We finally got to use the math we learned,” quipped Davidson.

Major said it was gratifying to see the reactions of teachers, students and parents as they arrived at school Thursday morning.  Getting a thumbs-up from IT Director Jens Trauntvein made it the “best day ever” for Nash.

“It’s kind of really interesting to watch all the freshman,” Nash said, “because their immediate reactions were, ‘We must think of something to one-up them now.’”

Jason Stanger, the school’s principal and director, took his six ambitious—and now very sleepy—students’ undertaking in stride.

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“They signed their names and they promised to clean it up, so that’s pretty good,” Stanger said.  “It’ll be great. It’s a fun way to end the year, and we like having fun together. These are great kids. We’re excited to see them graduate… and almost as excited to see them clean it up before it rains.”

With the end of the school day approaching, Major hoped to hire a group of freshman to accomplish the clean-up task.  Johnson had an even better idea.

“We’ll probably make an announcement over the intercom and just say, ‘Hey, if anyone wants free sticky notes, go for it!’” he said.

Go for it these exuberant seniors will.  Friday is the last official day of school for InTech’s seniors, and the six pranksters will graduate with their class of 45 next Tuesday. Major will speak at commencement.  ‘Guess when he wrote his speech…

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