HOW TO: Make a delicious April Fools Day

My favorite part about April Fools Day is the food! I don’t mean the Twinkies full of mayo or toothpaste filled Oreo’s. I mean the real food that looks like other food! I found and tried out some fun ones, mostly just fun, but I did get a couple laughs with one of my tricks.

1- Candy sushi. This was a blast! My three-year-old was able to figure this out himself for the most part, which was even better.


<ul><li>Rice Krispie treats</li><li>Fruit roll ups</li><li>Gummy worms</li></ul>

Make Rice Krispie treats and spread them in a thin layer to cool, as thin as possible! I did a half batch and it made about four rolls. Cut the Rice Krispies into the size of the fruit roll ups. Put stuff inside and roll, then cut up. Even if you plan on having these as an after dinner treat, make them early, snacking happens!

2- Mashed potato sundae. This was super easy but didn’t fool anyone. It looked like a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. But still a fun change!


<ul><li>Mashed potatoes</li><li>Gravy</li></ul>

Layer mashed potatoes and gravy in a fun bowl or glass. You can do this with pulled pork instead of gravy to look more sundae like. Top with a cherry tomato if you have one.

3- Jello juice. This is one of my all time favorites from my childhood! My mom had “drinks” poured for everyone at dinner when we got to the table. She even had Crystal-Lite in a pitcher that matched! We were all fooled. I didn’t get everybody, but I got the three year old! He held it up trying to drink it for about a minute before he brought it down and gave me a look! I almost got his dad, but he noticed that the liquid didn’t move when he picked it up.


<ul><li>Jello</li><li>Matching juice (for added confusion)</li></ul>

Make Jello and pour in glasses. Set out for dinner before anyone is there. Have Cool Whip to eat on top after dinner!

4- Pudding dirt. An oldie but goodie. And delicious!


<ul><li>Instant chocolate pudding</li><li>Oreos</li><li>Gummy worms</li></ul>

Make pudding and pour into glasses. Add a worm and crushed Oreos. Keep in refrigerator until ready to eat!

There are so many fun food ideas out there! has more tricks than you could ever try. And usually comes out with some ideas close to April Fools Day.

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