Now is an ideal time to think about pruning your trees

It’s been a long, wet winter. There have been dramatic changes in temperature, periods of high winds, and plenty of heavy snow. All of that can have a dramatic affect on most trees. And as temperatures begin to slowly increase, it is time to start pruning and preparing trees for the upcoming season.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Logan Extermination</a>, in partnership with <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Anderson’s Seed and Garden</a>, provides multiple services and products to help people keep their trees healthy and strong.

“If you have branches that you think are a problem, or if you have had wind damage or snow damage, we can come in and assess the tree and do selective pruning if necessary,” says owner Mark Anderson. “We don’t necessarily have to remove the whole tree. If they have selected branches to come out we can do that.

“The nice part is they don’t have to drive all over the lawn. They have a lot of experience working around power lines, around houses and things like that.”

Anderson says now is an ideal time to start pruning trees, particularly fruit trees before they bloom.

“It’s a little different type of pruning there,” he explains. “We want to be systematic in how we eliminate certain types of growth. We open the tree up so the sunlight can come in and ripen up your fruit. (Our staff) is very skilled at pruning fruit trees, very technically, as well as tree removal and taking out big branches.”

Anderson says his certified arborists can help people determine how much or how little needs to be cut back to make the tree healthy. They offer tips if you want to <a href=”;” target=”_blank”>do it yourself</a>, and will always provide free estimates.

“If you start to feel uncomfortable with what you’re doing we can come in,” Anderson continues. “What’s nice is we can come in and do the pruning then clean up when we’re done, and it will just be gone when we’re all done.”

A few things set his crew apart from other businesses offering similar services, Anderson says. Not only are they trained and qualified, but also do everything they can not to tear up people’s yards.

“They are qualified to climb trees, prune, and full tree removal,” Anderson continues. “We do stump grinding so if you’ve got a 60’ cotton poplar that you want to get rid of we don’t need to come in with a big bucket truck and drive all over your lawn.

“We can climb with ropes and gear and get up there and take the tree down piece by piece. We have a 12” chipper that can do branches up to 12”. We can grind most of that up, grind it and put it right into our truck. Everything disappears. Then they can grind the stump out as well.”

The 12″ chipper is one of the largest in the area and helps cut down on time and costs of large branch removal. They also provide treatments for the trees that nobody else offers. One of the most effective treatments someone can do for their tree, says Anderson, is to do one season-long insecticide to eliminate aphids.

“It’s not just a springtime treatment, it will last throughout the fall. It works on boars that affect (Quaken aspen), and ash and poplar,” Anderson explains. “It’s an insect that gets underneath the bark and causes circulatory damage, prevents a lot of water and nutrients to flow from the tree and then you have a dead branch here and a dead branch there.

“We can prune those branches out and then treat it with that season-long insecticide that will prevent it from happening again. You do that once a year and it’s the best. We put a fertilizer in with it too, so not only does the tree pick up the insecticide but also the fertilizer and the iron combination at the same time. It promotes healthy growth, prevents iron deficiency.”

Anderson says that his companies’ services are truly full-service tree care, not just pruning, eliminating bugs, or fertilizing. Another factor that makes the combination of Logan Extermination and Anderson’s Seed and Garden unique when it comes to tree pruning and tree removal, is that they can replace any old trees with new ones.

“One service that we offer, if you have a tree that gets damaged and needs to be removed we can actually plant a tree back for you,” Anderson says. “If we go in to remove a tree we can go in and replace it for you while we’re there.”

Anderson advises that trees with branches that are parallel to the ground or at odd, acute angles my be in danger of breaking off this spring with a heavy snow storm when leaves are coming in or during a big wind storm.

“They can go in and selectively remove some of those and encourage the tree to grow where branches are stronger,” he explains. “You can eliminate and remove potential damage, before it falls on the house or on the swing set.

“We can hopefully eliminate some of that. We can’t stop it 100% but we can help clean those trees up so they’re much safer over time, and healthier too. Pruning is very beneficial for the trees. When you prune a tree it encourages more growth to come out in other areas. We are basically eliminating bad growth and encouraging new growth.”

Anderson says pruning can really be done just about any time of the year, but some trees–like maples and birches–are better to prune in the fall because they have more free flowing sap. 

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