COLUMN: You have to start somewhere

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<span>Endurance, pain, shortness of breath, begging to be done. Does this sound familiar? This is how I describe running. I dislike the feeling of being out of shape. But the feelings of when I’m done, of accomplishment, muscles strengthening, and feeling untouchable definitely outweigh the cons. </span>

<span>At least it used to. Last year, I started training for a half marathon. My training continued through mile 10, then my motivation left me. Running has been a scarce thing since then. </span>

<span>Nevertheless, my husband and I made a New Year’s goal to run a half marathon. I knew I could do it; last year I only needed three more miles. This time it’d be easier.  I’d have a training buddy, a reward system, and the time to go on a two hour run. </span>

<span>So, the other day, I put in my ear buds, performed a few lunges then began my excursion. </span>

<span>Quicker than I thought, my breath darted away from me, and my thighs burned. Should I stop, or should I not? I thought. Two high school boys stood by the corner. Well, I thought, I don’t want anyone to see what I wimp I am. I’ll go until I pass them.</span>

<span>The second I turned that corner, I stopped, and proceeded to speed walk and gag. </span>

<span>Needless to say, it was a very short run for me. And kind of an embarrassment excuse for a run. </span>

<span>To make matters worse, my legs ached for two days afterwards. Four blocks did me in. </span>

<span>When I explained the situation to my fellow co-workers, one person, Darci Ostergar, said, “Well, you got to start somewhere.” </span>

<span>My spirits raised. I realized that you do have to have a starting place. Even if you are rock bottom, you have to start.  If you never start, you’ll never reach your goal. </span>

<span>For me, that starting place was around the block.  Even though it seemed pathetic, it gave me a place where I knew my training needed to start.</span>

<span>Walt Disney did the same thing. He started as a cartoonist for a newspaper in New York. His boss fired him because Walt Disney “lacked imagination.“ Universal Studios “bought” Disney’s only well-known cartoon, Oswald the Rabbit and they also bought out his cartoonists out from under him. He failed a business he had started, and at one point, ended up surviving off dog food. </span>

<span>But look at where his company is now. The company Disney made over $10 billion of net income. His theme parks are known as the “happiest place(s) on earth.” </span>

<span>No matter where your starting point is, the end goal is the same: success. Success comes through perseverance, patience, and determination. </span>

<span>I gagged after a block of running, and I’m running a half marathon. Walt Disney was fired from his first job, yet he became a great and successful cartoonist. </span>

<span>No matter the setbacks, accomplishments are in our future. The first step is figuring out where to start. </span>

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