Hyde Park doesn’t like single mothers

I find it hard to believe with all that goes on in the news today, crimes and budget shortfalls, that the great big city of Hyde Park has such a handle on crime and their budget is so healthy that they want to target a single mother.  Yes, a single working mother of several childern, doing what she can to keep her kids in their home, in their schools and without assistance from any organization; church, state or otherwise.

What is she doing you ask, why are they targeting her?  Because she is trying to help herself, her family and another family out.  She is, cover your ears and eyes folks because this gets downright egregious right here, she has the family she is trying to help, living in her basement.  Say it isn’t so!  Oh the horror! 

And the fine city of Hyde Park has nothing better to do but to fine her and charge her, treating her like a criminal.  I really don’t know the finite details of the code that she is supposedly breaking, but the just is that it isn’t a family member or in-law living with her and her family.  The code allows for those things, but not for you to help a friend or a neighbor out.  I wonder how missionaries are allowed to live with other families?  I wonder how college students or friends live together in a single family dwelling if they are relatives or married?

Can it be solved?  I don’t now the answer to that, but I would think it is a simple as adjusting the code a little to modern times, and realizing the intent of the law is not being met here.  Or, she could just as easily follow the code as written.  Which might mean losing her home, having to move her children from the house they have been in almost their entire lives, or she could apply / ask for monetary assistance from a number of organizations. 

I should also say that I know it isn’t the city of Hyde Park that doesn’t like single mothers, it is just a select few that happen to be in the right, or wrong, positions in the city government. But they sit there, often looking down on us lowly peasants and selectively apply the law when and where they want.  It just isnt’ right…….

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