New gym opens in Logan

The cardio room inside KUBEX.

LOGAN – Logan resident Robert Harris, founder of ChemDry, is an entrepreneur with a lifelong interest in fitness and that is his motivation in launching Kubex, a concept he says is a paradigm shift in exercise.

The new facility is now open at 900 North and 200 West in Logan.

Harris said since 2005 he has spent millions of dollars, invested thousands of hours and worked with some of the top sports physiologists in the world to determine what issues need to be corrected at traditional gyms.

“We have developed a program where you come in and go through 29 one-minute cubes (or pods) and receive an amazing workout, a workout that is prescribed specifically for you,” said Harris.

“We determine in a very quick test what your capacity is for a workout and then you go through 29 different exercise stations, one-minute each, in complete privacy. It’s a workout that is much more effective than if you were doing a traditional workout.”

He said when he traveled the world for business he always would make time for workouts at local gyms.

“I would find issues, problems. We have overcome all of those and one of the things people love about Kubex is that it is totally private. You never see another person, you don’t have interaction with other people, no one watching you. No one judging you. You’re doing the workout in these private cubes as everyone progresses.

“The second improvement we’ve made is that the exercise is prescribed specifically for you. Algorithm and periodization are both used to prescribe exactly what you need for core strength, for cardiovascular health and just to make you healthier.

“The third issue is that people are getting results. We have had a testing group of over 70 people for a year and the results have been phenomenal. They call it an addictive workout, once they start doing it they just don’t want to miss.”

Harris said friends, colleagues and others who have gone through the test group say that it has changed their lives.

“It’s an enabling exercise, it enables people to do what they like to do, but do it better and do it longer. It improves your golf game, whatever you do it’s going to make you better at it.”

Who did Harris consult to establish the specific exercises?

“Dr. Matt Ray is a sports physiologist who has trained professional teams and we worked with him in choosing the specific exercises and the sequence that we use. The sequence of exercises is what makes Kubex unique. In a given sequence you’ll do a vibration on a vertex machine then you would do a push, a pull, a twist, a full body and a rest. Every exercise is synergistic, it makes the exercise after it better, leading up to the final full body exercise is many times more effective if you have done the sequence of exercises.”

He said the goal at Kubex is to encourage every member who signs up to exercise three times a week for the full benefit.

“We don’t want people to sign up and not come. So it’s geared for a very simple membership. There is a $50 signup fee which also covers the cost of the ‘navigator‘ who is the person who takes you through the different sequences the first few times to teach you how to do it. Then it’s a simple $35 every two weeks with no contract, no term, no cancellation fee. You can cancel anytime you want, immediately. We also charge $25 for anyone who wants to take a one-week trial.”

Harris said the key to success at Kubex is time versus results.

“Everything you do is geared toward maximum results. From the time you enter the first pod you know that 29 minutes later you will exit the 29th pod and will have completed the best workout available. There is no lounging around, no thinking what I do next and how do I do it? You simply go in and follow the prompts on the touchscreen monitor and 29 minutes you have had a state-of-the-art workout.

“When you first join we have you do a simple grip test and on over 150 pieces of equipment we have developed an algorithm that allows the strength test to prescribe for you the exact weight you would lift, doing between nine and 15 reps. All of your data from the first workout is recorded and used to prescribe the next workout.

“There are over 200 communications between the touch screens and the computers during each workout, calculating what you should be doing.”

Harris said there is also a cardio program with a state-of-the-art cardio wing on the west side of the building.

“There is an area to look out on great views of Cache Valley or private cubicles if that is the preference. So we offer both strength training or cardio.”

Kubex opened August 1 and the web site is up and running at Free tours are available at the new facility.

“This is our first facility, we have plans to start 1000 of these around the world. We have already applied for international trademarks and patent protection. We are looking for a second location in Salt Lake City, with our third in Ogden and the fourth in San Diego.”

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