Window displays cause controversy in Cache Valley

Community members argue that the new Doctor John's store does not align with Cache Valley community values. 

LOGAN – The drive into Cache Valley from Sardine Canyon used to mean passing acres of farmland before reaching any kinds of businesses. However, Cache Valley is growing, which means more and more businesses are moving into the area. One of the newest businesses to open their doors at the gateway of Logan City is Doctor John’s Lingerie and Novelty Boutique. The opening of Cache Valley’s second lingerie and novelty store is causing negative reaction from some community members.

Logan resident Russell Wright is concerned with the store’s displays that face the highway. “I’m not against the idea of them owning a business like this. What I am against is what they’re putting in their window displays,” said Wright of the life-size mannequins that he said wear very little clothing. “I don’t think we need our children seeing this type of thing.”

However, at this point, legal action cannot be taken against the store because they are within code. 

“Not everything that may be considered bad taste is necessarily criminal,” said Logan City Attorney Kymber Housley. Housley stated that every time the city receives a complaint, they do send code enforcement out to investigate. “If and when there’s sufficient evidence of a violation, the city will take appropriate action,” he said.   

While Doctor John’s is staying within their First Amendment rights and have not violated any laws at this point, city members wish the store would align with community values. At a recent city council meeting, resident Shirley Smart stated, “I don’t live on the Las Vegas Strip. I live in Logan, Utah and I think they would respect that a little bit.” 

After multiple attempts were made to contact the store manager, Doctor John’s Lingerie and Novelty Boutique refused to comment on the situation. 

One business who has tried aligning with a predominantly conservative community for over 30 years is The Persian Peacock, the first store of its kind to sell lingerie and other intimate accessories in Cache Valley. “I believe my store has never created the kind of stir that Doctor John’s has because we’ve always avoided promoting the business in such an in-your-face fashion. Yes, we sell lingerie and other sexy items, and the people who wish to purchase those items can come into the shop and look at them,” said Jessica McWhinnie, owner of The Persian Peacock.

While the window displays at Doctor John’s location do not offend McWhinnie personally, she does not think they are tasteful or appropriate, especially for this specific area. “As a business, of course they have the right, as well as a practical need, to advertise their wares,” admitted McWhinnie. “However, I do not believe that doing so in such a manner is necessary, or even beneficial, unless your goal is to deliberately create controversy.”

McWhinnie said it has been years since she’s received major complaints about The Peacock, and she believes most people in Cache Valley do not have a problem with lingerie and intimate items. “The problem here is with presentation and Doctor John’s disregard for the kind of town they’ve set up shop in,” she said.  

So why did Doctor John’s even come to a city like Logan? Could a majority of people not mind the arrival of this new business? According to a poll on Cache Valley Daily back in April that asked for thoughts on the new lingerie and novelty store, 54% voted that “people need to lighten up, it’s just a store”. The second highest response was “there must be a demand or they wouldn’t be here” with 25% of votes. Only 12% voted it “reflects badly on the community as it welcomes people in”, while 9% said the store “doesn’t align with Cache Valley community values”.       

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