Naturopathic doctor visiting Logan, rails against traditional doctors

He claims it has taken him five days to get sick individuals healthy enough to be taken off heart transplant lists and in the space of two months says he was able to help re-grow the liver of seriously sick liver transplant patients.

Dr. Joel Wallach has more claims.

“I take people with Parkinson’s disease who are terminal Parkinson’s patients and in three months time they are normal. With us, people who have been diagnosed by five neurological clinics with terminal Alzheimer’s disease in 10 days time they’re perfectly normal. We do this all the time.”

Thursday night in Logan Dr. Wallach, who is both a Naturopathic doctor and a doctor of Veterinary medicine, will share more stories during a free lecture at the Riverwoods Conference Center at 7 p.m.

“I think you’ll find you’ll get some major benefits,” he said. “Everybody improves their well-being and certainly we can make their life better. We can re-grow cartilage, we can re-grow discs in your back and you won’t need back surgery.”

In the course of a typical year Dr. Wallach makes about 300 appearances all over the country and while making his unusual claims his most passionate comments are directed at the ineptness of America’s medical doctors. 

He calls them “pre-grave robbers”.

“If you have $200,000 left in your Medicare fund and go to hospice you could be a 92-year old woman and doctors will do a hysterectomy on you, a double knee replacement and double hip replacement, liver transplant and cataract operation and you may have three weeks to live. But they want that $200,000 that’s left in your Medicare fund. It’s really a crime that this is allowed.”

He says he will teach people how to reverse arthritis, diabetes, reverse fibromyalgia and lupus, back pain and periodontal disease. He claims these are reversible with a nutritional program.

He advocates the use of colloidal minerals.

“This is the source of all 60 essential minerals,” he said. “We’re very proud of this, it is the core of what we do. They are small particle size angstrom units – nanotechnology if you will – and are highly absorbable.  With tablets and pills you might get only three percent absorption.

“This is why we have such a problem with health in this country. Doctors are more interested in writing prescriptions and cutting your legs off than they are healing you. It’s because of insurance.”

During Thursday’s event Dr. Wallach, author of the book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,” will speak for two hours and take questions afterwards.

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