North Logan candidate preview

11 people filed for three open council seats in North Logan. One candidate, Rebekah Meier, dropped out of the race on August 11. To get to know the candidates CacheValleyDaily asked them three questions: 1-Why are you running for council? 2-What issues they would focus on if elected? and 3-Did they feel North Logan was in good financial shape?

<strong>Brad Crookston, small business owner of Crookston Custom Designs, construction engineer</strong>

1) “I’m fairly conservative and I would like to see things continue. I think the city is moving in the right direction, actually, from what it has been but I’d like to see it continue to do so, to see the city saving money, and I’d like to see how I can help out doing that. I’m committed to looking into each thing that comes before the council carefully and reviewing it and just want to be involved in what’s going on and trying to help the best decisions to be made for the city and for the people in the city. “I consider myself a pretty conservative person. I studied. I went to schooling in engineering, which is kind of the study of economics and stuff along with that. So I’m pretty familiar with the workings of the city, the road structures, and maintenance, and that kind of stuff and that’s my profession doing engineering.” 2) “My top priorities would be that I want more people to be involved in what happens. I feel like I go to council meetings and I’m the only person there and I feel like the citizens don’t know what’s happening with the city. So I’d like to let people know more, somehow make it more public, the information, what’s going on. “That would be my biggest priority, letting everyone know what’s going on and know the details of why it’s going on and why the city council is making the decisions. I go and sometimes it’s not real clear why we make that decision. Maybe it’s a good decision, maybe it’s not. I just don’t know which way. I think that’s my biggest thing.” 3) “I think it could be; there’s things to improve on. I’m not going to say I’m not totally unsatisfied but I do think there are things to work on that we could save money and still have a same level of service in the city. “I’m committed to making sure I know why the issues on each topic that comes to council and researching each thing and working towards making the best decision that I can.”

<strong>Daniel J. Brownell, Branch Manager Deseret First Credit Union, Vice Chair of the Cache County Republican Party, past member of Cache Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors, ambassadors; past president of Rotary Club</strong>

1) “Mostly, I don’t have any complaints. I don’t have an axe to grind with the city or anything like that. I don’t come up with any preconceived notions. I’m running first because I love North Logan. In fact, in the last 12 years I’ve moved four times within the city limits, usually just a block from each other, and so when I saw that there were openings available for city council I jumped. “I’m a person who loves to listen to both sides and come up with a solution that will be best for all of us. I would bring the levelheadedness to city government. We have a lot of big projects coming up like development, roads, infrastructure issues and I just think I would bring a level head to the position and really listen to the citizens and come up with the best solutions from the two opposing arguments. And secondly, as a city we have to be concerned on economic development because that’s our bread and butter concerning how much tax revenues we get.” 2) “My biggest push would be that the companies and businesses we attract to North Logan fit into the cityscape, will benefit the city but also Cache Valley because we’re all interlinked. I love the zoning plan. I want to encourage that. But we need to be careful we don’t get too much development on the east side. “There’s that corridor, that Main Street corridor that’s a good place to have business and housing that will fit in the landscape of the city. So I’m concerned with having economic development, smart economic development, and maintaining who we are as a community in North Logan ” 3) “Overall yes. I have been reviewing the budgets and I think we do a pretty good job on not spending money on what we shouldn’t and I’m pleased with the economic projects. It’s what we want in the community but also we’ve got some pretty good people on the council. They’re good stewards of money. “But in this economic time as a city we have to be careful how we spend and not to overspend. We have to be a wise steward because we’ll get in trouble later. But overall the council’s been doing a good job; we have good people on it. I believe in being frugal and am conservative but the city provides services where we can’t just stick our heads in the sand. We’re going to keep growing and we have to do something. “My biggest push is that I’m a levelheaded person. I feel like I’ll represent all the citizens in North Logan, not just part of the people but all of the city and that’s why they should vote for me.”

<strong>Damon Cann, Political Science Professor at Utah State University, father of four</strong>

1) “Over the years I’ve lived here we’ve developed a real love and strong ties to North Logan. I never really thought of running for city council until some neighbors came by and said I should run. With that encouragement we, as a family, decided it was a great opportunity to give back and I’m excited about the prospect. “I love following issues and I did debate and enjoyed studying that in college. There are a lot of good things happening in North Logan and naturally I want to see a city that’s responsive to the citizens. It’s important for a city council and the people at all levels to be responsible to their citizens to provide for their needs with government. I’m confident I could do that. “Listening is a priority. I’ll even actively work to get input of members of the community. I’d like to see a well-managed city that is fiscally responsible. Tax money is a sacred trust from the citizens and the government has obligation to use it wisely to benefit the citizens and not spend on things don’t need.” 2) “First to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in North Logan. My second priority would be listening actively and seeking advice on direction of where the city should go and effectively managing the budget. Also, keeping property taxes low.” 3) “Like many communities, we’ve seen a dip in revenue in North Logan. That means it’s a time to be cautious on how we use our funds. We’re in a much better situation than other communities because the forebears on the council have been cautious. But I’m pretty confident. “I have a PhD in Political Science and with my educational background I can help with USU connections. I have grant writing expertise and I believe potential sources of revenue can be identified from both private foundations and businesses for North Logan.”

<strong>Alan Collins, Patent lawyer, Collins and Collins law firm, electrical and software engineer, farmer, former candidate for last council election</strong>

1) “Governments have gone wild and my number one objective is to pull back the constitution and the rights of people. What we see is people today just going nuts. In North Logan when this current council took its seats they took away the public voice. It used to be where they had a set aside time where any member of the community could speak. They eliminated that. Now they only have two, 10 minute slots open for the public and once it’s full it’s full. “In order to speak you have to get city representatives to be your sponsor. We’ve [he and his wife] attended city council meetings for the last three years on our own just to keep track of things. There are a lot of good people in office but they don’t know what it means to have the liberty and rights of the people and what it means to uphold your oath of office. “You’ve got those who vote with whatever the emotion of the minute is. You have the same family names in office for the past 30 years. There are the local contractors who want to rezone and make a quick buck. In one of the Envision Cache Valley documents it says North Logan would like to have a targeted 3% open space. Is that really what we want? Do we want to be the next South Salt Lake? “Yes, growth is inevitable and you can’t stop it but government drives it. Where does this inevitable growth come from? We have a lot of things that could be improved. We have a beautiful city and I don’t think we want to be the next South Salt Lake. It’s those kinds of things where your city mommy tries to decide what’s best for you. As a servant of the people you swear to uphold their rights.” 2) “North Logan City happens to have a WalMart but they retain property tax out of habit. We also have an electricity tax where the city no longer runs that and the income tax rises up to 10% and other expenses. It’ll be those types of things I’ll focus on.” 3) “Good, I feel like North Logan is using its money fairly conservatively but by the same example they’re working heavily on the 200 East project to put in a new fire department and police department yet we live in a time where people are losing their house. It’s sad to say in the council meeting but that just doesn’t square with the oath of office. Do we really need a new police station?” “We’ve become oppressors of our own citizens. There’s a lot of steps we could take to serve them better. Right now they’ve forgotten they serve citizens; they work for you and me. And that’s just plain not right.”

<strong>Patrick Jenkins, manages a financial planning business</strong>

1) “In North Logan, we’ve lost a tremendous resource. I understand municipal governments, how they work, how they’re run. And not to sound cliché but this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve spent time interacting in other places. For nine years I was a city councilman and mayor. So I could bring those resources that might have been lost.” 2) “I would focus on the master development plan. North Logan is a fast growing city and some of the infrastructure needs to be addressed. I’d focus on pathways and the budgeting process.” 3) “Right now, in these economic times, property values are declining but it still is the same cost to run the city so we need to maintain the services as best we can without digging deeper into the pockets of the tax payers. There could be problems down the road financially.”

<strong>Roger T. Anderson, Assistant Manager at Macey’s Grocery Store</strong>

1) “I’m a property owner in Logan and I attended the Citizen’s Academy and I was inspired by that. I feel like instead of just complaining we need to do something about it. North Logan is a city that is still developing and I want to help make this a good place for my kids and the future.” 2) “I’m kind of in the middle on development; I could go either way on it. But I’m open minded and with issues that come before the council, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do the research so I can. So I’d like to see some more development to help the city continue to grow so we can have a good community for my children.” 3) “I feel like the city is in good financial shape currently but it’s something that is a continuous process. We need to keep on top of it so we don’t have problems down the road. “I’ve lived in North Logan for 30 years ever since I moved to our beautiful valley. I feel like I don’t come with any biases. I’m a very neutral person and will do my best to make the best decision for the community.”

<strong>Kristen Godfrey Anderson, Majored in Food Science and Business, homemaker</strong>

1) “I just think North Logan is a great place and I hope to integrate planning for the future while preserving our community’s traditional core values which are family, education, service, reaching out and strengthening others in our community. I think North Logan has a great opportunity for growth and so I want to help preserve what good things we’ve got going on. The growth needs to happen in a strong, well planned out way and strengthen what’s great in North Logan.” 2) “Growth is always one of the key things the city council is working with, making sure us people do it correctly. One of the key things they’ve been doing is working with developers and things like that to encourage growth in a way that helps North Logan maintain the rural feel that I love. We have a lot of open space that I’d like to see maintained and encouraged. I think we have great recreational aspects in North Logan and I’d encourage those things. I have lots of great leadership qualities. I can listen to all sides of the story, make decisions that will benefit the greater good. I just want to make sure North Logan continues to be the great city that it is.” 3) “I think the people who have been there are very qualified and we have great city leadership. I haven’t looked into that issue, I’ve followed the budget and minutes of the city meetings and from just looking at hard numbers, I’m not in the position to say that but we have good people leading who make sure we are in good financial shape and make sure wise decisions are made. “I have lots of great leadership qualities. I can listen to all sides of the story; make decisions that will benefit the greater good. I just want to make sure North Logan continues to be great city that it is.”

<strong>Aaron S. Bennett, current LDS missionary</strong>

The 21-year-old is currently serving an LDS mission in Peru and could not be reached for comment but will return to North Logan in October at the completion of his mission. He entered the council race by submitting a nomination petition and receiving signatures of 50 North Logan citizens. According to his father, Scott Bennett, who is currently the Recorder for North Logan, Aaron wanted to get involved in local politics. “He’s always wanted to do this so his brothers have been campaigning for him until he gets back and got his petition signed.” Rebekah Meier dropped out of the race August 11th but had no comment as to why. After numerous attempts CacheValleyDaily was unable to reach candidates Chris Nelson and Russell Goodwin.

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