Lyons: 2010 to be a good year for Republicans

Polls keep changing but Utah State University political science professor Mike Lyons expects 2010 to be a good year for Republicans. On KVNU’s Crosstalk show Tuesday, Lyons said Democrats almost certainly retain control of the U.S. Senate by just one to three seats. Lyons said there is a slight chance Democrats will lose control of the Senate and Republicans are very likely to capture the House, probably by about 10 seats.”The last 20-25 seats in the House and the last four to five seats in the Senate are dead heat races right now that could turn either way,” Lyons said. “Some international event, a terrorist attack somewhere on the planet or something else, could throw those races one way or another at this point. Turnout is very difficult to predict this year.”But he says it’s likely a demoralized Democratic party will mean low turnout while a spirited Tea Party movement will result in higher turnout for Republicans.Lyons believes some of the so-called Tea Party candidates will be elected next Tuesday. But he says it probably won’t be long before they abandon most of their more radical campaign promises. Lyons said he expects, if elected, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Lee will undergo a transformation.”You’ve got to fit into the Washington mainstream,” Lyons said. “It’s fun to attack Washington and to blame Washington for all of our problems and to talk about overthrowing the Washington establishment. “But the time-honored rule here is that the Washington establishment always triumphs in the end.”Lyons said when Ronald Reagan was elected President he was going to get rid of the departments of Energy and Education and do away with or cut some entitlement programs. But that didn’t happen. Lyons says you can’t change the culture of Washington because it is a product of the Constitution and the election process.

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