Morrill concerned about more than just park strips

Mike Morrill says there are a lot of reasons he decided to run for mayor of Logan and in Tuesday’s primary election Morrill placed second of four candidates, earning the right to challenge incumbent Mayor Randy Watts in the general election on November 3rd.Morrill says he feels money could have been better spent than the $8.5 million new police department addition and he opposed a proposal to build a new $25 million library. Morrill is also opposed to a proposed new landlord licensing bill.On KVNU’s Crosstalk show Wednesday, the so-called Park Strip Restoration Project was a major reason for running. He says the city went after people who had been taking care of the property for years.”They (Logan City) took the park strip away, which I think beautified the city. I think it’s a better way,” Morrill said.Morrill believes that not only have residents done a good job of beautifying the city, but the city’s new policy will come with significant draw backs. “But then they turned around and said, ‘pay us $200 and we’ll let you park on the street.’ Well traditionally, Logan city for 120 years allowed folks to park on the street, or on the park strip if we wanted the cars off the street for the winter time.”Morrill said he is more inclined to follow the way things have been done in the past rather than cluttering the streets and causing safety hazards. “I wouldn’t charge them to put them on the street. I think it’s a very bad policy. Again, we’re counting on government to solve our problems. The government is not the solution to our problems.”Some people have called Morrill a one issue candidate because of his strong stand against the city’s park strip restoration project. On KVNU’s Crosstalk show Wednesday, Morrill said he also has a strong stand against acceping federal money and recently discussed this with Senator Bob Bennett, R-UT.”Bob said, ‘Well Mike, I think you shouldn’t do that because if you don’t take it, Ogden will take it. If you don’t take it somebody in Wyoming or somebody in New York will take that money.’ It’s out of control,” Morrill said.Morrill says he wants to follow the constitution when it comes to dealing with the federal government and its spending. “Tthe constitution says absolutely no. The city has no right, nor does the Federal Government have a right to turn around take the money and then turn around and divvy it out based on who they like and don’t like.”Morrill says he was against Mayor Watts’ creation of a part-time job where former councilmember Steve Thompson goes after federal and other money for projects the city could otherwise not afford. Morrill says he’s proud that he, along with council candidates Tony Wegener and Steve Stokes, have been endorsed by the newly organized conservative Independence Caucus group.

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