2009 Election: John P. Clay profile

Editor’s note: CacheValleyDaily.com sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates for mayor and municipal council in Logan. We will publish the responses as we receive them. Candidate: John P. Clay Position: Logan Mayor 1. Why did you file as a candidate for city service? In 2002 I moved to Logan and purchased a new upscale house in the Cliffside area. I soon learned that I had been defrauded out of my life’s savings and inheritance. The house construction does not come close to being built in accordance with the state building code, and in fact is dangerous to live in. After living here six and a half years, my wife came down with lymphoma and died nine months later. The house is slowly tearing itself apart under the force of gravity. The air conditioners would only cool the house to 85?. There is an extensive list of problems. The owner-builder claimed he had no responsibility and the major subcontractors would do nothing to fix the problems. I chose to sue to get my money back. After seven years and $80,000 in legal fees, I have not succeeded in seeing a judge. I find that a recent statement of an FBI agent, that …”Logan is the most lawless city in the US”…, is well founded. Utah state law does not permit any form of redress for harm due to gross misconduct of government officials. This is the key problem, there are no consequences for violation of law. The only way to correct the problem is at the ballot box. This is the reason that I am running for the mayor’s office. I bring considerable capability and experience to the office. I have a Ph. D. in engineering and was a licensed professional engineer prior to retiring. I was chief engineer on large engineering projects in numerous foreign countries on five continents. I was a consultant to the Electric Power Research Institute, the research arm of the United States power companies. I have been a consultant to many large companies, such as U. S. Steel, Bethlehem steel, Long Island Electric, Boston Edison, Southern Electric, General Electric Environmental Services, the Naval Underwater Systems Laboratory, the U.S submarine Pacific Fleet and NASA. 2. What do you feel are the key issues facing Logan in the next four years? Ensure that when one purchases a home in Logan, that it will meet state requirements, function, well and last many years. The city needs to act on the basis of law and get away from personal desires. A big issue to me is the low salaries and high tuition at Utah State University. I find many of our citizens work hard and save their money so that they can go to college every other year. This is terrible treatment of the younger generation and we should be ashamed of our actions. Past administrations have not allowed businesses in Logan that would have the effect of raising the minimum wages. Such a company is Cost Co which pays a minimum wage of $14 an hour. We need to be business friendly so that we will have more and better jobs and increased tax revenues. We need to work on a scholarship fund to assist our youth. We need to lobby the state legislature to lower the resident tuition and raise the out of state and alien tuition. 3. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you disagree with, explain why you disagreed and how you would have handled the situation if you were serving in an elected position at the time. The city decided to enforce a city rule that did not allow parking in the park strip, specifically in the area of the Adams Park school area. I understand that the park strip has been used for many years for parking without interference from the city. Law and well established legal president is that the owner loses control over the land after a sufficient number of years have passed (I guess six years, but I am not an attorney). The city attorney knew, or should have known the law in this matter and stopped the city from acting contrary to the law. In this case, because it is Utah, one can not fight the city government. The city abused their special position and used brute force against the local residents to force the current city officials will. The typical citizen is not dumb and recognized that they were being abused. It has created a lot of hatred and discontent in Logan. I would have said that we have let this activity go on so long that we no longer have jurisdiction and leave the neighborhood in peace. 4. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you completely agreed with and supported, and if the issue is a lingering issue, you would continue to support if elected. The city has acted to allow Cache Valley residents, who do not live in the city of Logan, to use the Logan City Library. I fully agree with the concept, as we all profit from informed citizenry. I think that the annual charge is too high for each person. Logan City is going to have the facility, materials and staff with the associated costs independent of outsider use or non-use. I think that they should consider the cost of adding an additional card holder and ask for that cost. 5. Describe in your words what you believe the role of city government is. The city’s role is to ensure the safety of all citizens, treat them all equal, under the law, and make the residents as prosperous and happy as it is possible. Mayor Watt’s excuse for the recent deaths from failure of an irrigation channel is beyond belief. He said it was privately owned and they had to cross private land to get to the channel, therefore nothing could be done. It was a safety issue and therefore the city has every right to look into the matter. They should have looked into the matter and turned the water off prior to the failure (they had 14 days to act). When the fire chief goes to the temple and says that he wishes to inspect for fire safety, he is promptly and courteously admitted, temple recommend or not, as he has the right to check safety issues.

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